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to create change


Why sliding scale pricing?

Professional photography is a luxury. There’s no way around it. And it’s hard for everyone to access it right now (or ever). I acknowledge that and hope that by offering a sliding scale model for my services, that I will be able to work with more people and families. It’s important to me that my work be as accessible as possible while still contributing to my family in some way.

Do I have to be naked for a bare. session?

Nope! bare. sessions are about celebrating your body at your comfort level. While there’s no need to be fully naked to do this, there’s also not a need for you to be completely dolled up either! I want you to show up however you feel most comfortable and confident. So if that means naked, great, if that means full makeup and lingerie, also great. But there is no expectation from me!

Will you put my pictures online?

I will if you allow me to! But only if! I am proud of this work I make and want to share it with the world. But, I would never do that by compromising your comfort level. Before and during each session we talk about boundaries around what I can photograph and how… and I tell you that these images are FOR YOU! Not me. Not my mission. Not the internet. I’d love to share any of the images that you allow me to but it’s totally at your discretion.   

Will you pose me?

The answer for a long time was “no”. But my relationship with photography has changed through the years and I know that for some people, a little direction and prompting is welcomed. Full-day sessions are mostly unposed.  For the 1-hour and 4-hour sessions, the whole session may not be directed but there may be times that I make suggestions to you about where to do an activity or what pose to do. These are just suggestions and I’ll check in with you frequently to make sure you’re still feeling comfortable with the direction the session is going. 

Can I bring a support person to my bare. session?

Hell yes!! I understand how much it is to ask someone to get comfortable with a stranger and their camera! I fully support you bringing as few or as many people you need to hype you up and get you feeling secure. Having someone there with you can make all the difference in the session, so invite away:) 

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