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bare. sessions aren't just photoshoots—

they're transformative's experiences designed to celebrate, accept, and honor your body. These sessions go beyond traditional boudoir, focusing on your journey, your victories, and your self-love. 

bare. sessions are all about embracing your unique journey, commemorating your victories, and cultivating self-love. A safe and empowering space to capture the essence of who you are, right now, in this moment. Let's celebrate your story together, with images that reflect your strength, beauty, and resilience.

no. 1

an inside look

here's what a bare. session can mean for you:

A victory cry over a battle you’ve been waging with yourself or some outside force in your life.

A choice to do something for yourself, finally.

A statement of power and a claim of pride at where you are right now.

A remembrance of this era, day, stage, or phase of your life.

An acceptance of where you are in the moment with your body.

A celebration of how far you’ve come with this body of yours!

no. 2

client love


"Heather was a pleasure to work with. She was very accommodating on location and made the shoot safe, secure, and fun."

I felt very comfortable and although she was efficient, she made sure to take time to ask questions about what I wanted and how I felt. The photos turned out amazing and now I have a little slice of memory forever encapsulated through her photos.

- mason

No. 3

Heather just knows how to make people feel relaxed and supported. She has a calm energy, and just knows how to be with someone who is vulnerable. 

After sitting with the pictures in my gallery for some time I can appreciate the way I look and not assign this expectation that I have to look cute or photogenic in photos. It’s okay if I’m not smiling. It’s okay if I’m not in love with the way my body looks. It’s still who I am and I am working on loving myself as I am now. These images remind me of that. 

- Cailey

I loved hearing Heather say, "I love this!" Or "this is so good, this is really beautiful." It made me feel like she was happy with what she was seeing...

I didn't want sexy pictures but pictures they would help me continue to love my body as she is, cherish what she has done for me, and to encourage myself to keep taking care of her. I am so very grateful I did this.


bare. sessions are for every body at any given time. 

Whether you’ve been pregnant, given birth, breast/chest fed for a minute or years, adopted, fostered, cared for children that weren’t your own, experienced the loss of a child or your own mother, or have overcome the toxic conditioning of your well-meaning mother, these sessions are for you. Your body has been through so much, and it’s time to acknowledge it in a safe and empowering way!

These sessions are for people with all different stories. No matter where you are in life, let's celebrate the body you’re in now and honor the journey you’ve taken together to get here.

no. 4



Celebrate your journey by honoring your body and all it has achieved, capturing the essence of your unique story.


Embrace the present! Accept and celebrate where you are right now, creating lasting memories of this moment.


Step out of your comfort zone and practice self-love and pride in an empowering way.


Embrace your strength and triumphs over personal battles, doing something transformative just for you.

this is for you!

No. 5

No. 3

Expect your digital gallery of processed images to be ready within two weeks after the session. I’ll send you a model release form to review and sign at your convenience, giving me permission (or not) to use images from your session for marketing purposes. Additionally, I’ll send you a link to a testimonial and review questionnaire. Your feedback on the experience will help me improve and ensure future clients have the best possible experience.

After —

No. 2

I’ll confirm our session the day before we’re scheduled to meet. On the day of the shoot, I’ll arrive early so we can spend some time talking and getting ready together. The session will start fully clothed and progress at your pace and comfort level, with frequent check-ins to ensure you're comfortable. We’ll discuss privacy, triggers, and any other important details both before and during the session, all based on the information you provided in the initial questionnaire.


No. 1

Reach out to me via email or Instagram to get started. Once you're ready, I'll send you a contract and a questionnaire to review and sign. After that, we’ll have a conversation—whether it’s through FaceTime, phone, text, or messaging—where we'll discuss the vibe of your session, including location, wardrobe, and poses. I'll create a Pinterest mood board filled with ideas and inspiration for you to review, ensuring we’re on the same page. We'll maintain ongoing communication as needed until the session day arrives.


from our first chat to your stunning photos, tailored just for you.

My Process

no. 6

Let's Work

Bare. sessions last about an hour and can be done in the privacy of your own home, room, yard, or in a private outdoor location. You are fully in control of the level of privacy your images receive—full nudity and/or sharing images publicly are not required.

I offer a privilege-based sliding scale for pricing and deliver full galleries digitally. You don’t have to be fully confident to have a bare. session—I promise you will find confidence along the way! It’s about showing up and doing something for yourself in this moment that will yield images that will last a lifetime.


$275 to $875
Sliding Scale

No. 7

Let's Make Magic!

let's start building our relationship, today!

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