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Family sessions aren't just photoshoots—

they're transformative's experiences designed to celebrate, accept, and honor where you're at right now as a family. These sessions go beyond traditional portraits, focusing on your journey, victories, & struggles.

Family sessions are all about embracing your unique journey, commemorating your victories, and cultivating memories for years to come. A safe, non-judgemental, no expectations space to capture the essence of who you all are, right now, in this moment. Let's celebrate your story together, with images that reflect all of the strength, beauty, and resilience in your family.

1 Hour

Short & sweet lifestyle sessions for families that are looking for more posed moments. Doing an activity together that creates connection while I lightly direct you all to create cherished images. Perfect for families that are new to working with me or aren’t interested in documentary sessions.

$275 to $875
Sliding Scale

4 Hour

Shorter, fully documentary sessions with a few posed moments thrown in. The focus is on you living life as usual, while I work my magic! Perfect for families that want to tell the story of what their lives look like together in this moment in time but can’t commit to a full day.

$675 to $1,275
Sliding Scale

Full Day

Fully customizable and can begin the moment your house starts to stir and end the moment you turn off the lights in your kids’ room or anything in between. In your home, on location, or a mixture of both. For families that are familiar with documentary sessions (or not) and want to tell a fuller, more intimate story of their lives.

$875 to $1,475
Sliding Scale

no. 1

an inside look

here's what a faily session can mean for you:

A victory cry over a battle you’ve been waging as a family and have overcome!

A choice to do something for yourself, finally.

A statement of acceptance and a claim of pride at where you are right now.

A remembrance of this era, day, stage, or phase of your life.

An acceptance of where you are in the moment.

A celebration of how far you’ve come as a family!

no. 2

client love


Heather immediately put us at ease with her warm and gentle presence. 

She has an incredible ability to make seemingly mundane moments shine with extraordinary beauty and life. What a gift to have our sweet everyday life captured forever. Heather is a true artist. I couldn’t imagine a better person to work with and will definitely be working with her again!

- Sarah

No. 3

I was immediately struck by how well she captured our family. Her eye, her style, and her editing were so beautiful. 

I never thought I’d be comfortable with someone photographing the mess and chaos of our house but I can honestly say that I love the photos from our full-day session more than any other professional photos we’ve taken.

- amy

Hire Heather! She is a joy to work with and it is a gift to see yourself the way she sees you in the world.

The energy she brings into a room is so safe, I honestly forgot she was photographing me. Because she slinks into the background so well she was able to capture my most real, raw and vulnerable moments and I am forever grateful I have these images. They are a reminder of my power and my tenderness.

- cailey

Family sessions are for the ones looking to push past the holiday card.

These sessions are for people who think outside of the box and want art that speaks to who they truly are in any given moment. Families that are in the trenches of early parenthood or have reached the new challenge of teenagers and everything in between. You’ll cherish having these images to look back on and share together through the years. 

These sessions are about slowing down and capturing this moment of your lives together just as it is, for all that it is! They're about honoring & celebrating the beauty in the mundane Saturday morning together or the graduation party of your last child leaving the nest. There's no wrong time to have a session.

They are for families that understand there's no picture-perfect way of being a family, and recognize what you have is loving and amazing in its own right.  

no. 4



Celebrate your journey together by honoring all your family has achieved, capturing the essence of your unique story.


Embrace the present! Accept and celebrate where you are right now, creating lasting memories of this moment.


Step out of your comfort zone and practice self-love and pride in an empowering way.


Embrace your strength and triumphs over personal battles, doing something transformative just for you.

this is for you!

No. 5

No. 3

Expect your digital gallery of processed images to be ready within two weeks after the session. I’ll send you a model release form to review and sign at your convenience, giving me permission (or not) to use images from your session for marketing purposes. Additionally, I’ll send you a link to a testimonial and review questionnaire. Your feedback on the experience will help me improve and ensure future clients have the best possible experience.

After —

No. 2

I’ll confirm our session the day before we’re scheduled to meet. On the day of the shoot, I’ll arrive early so we can spend some time talking and getting ready together. The session will start fully clothed and progress at your pace and comfort level, with frequent check-ins to ensure you're comfortable. We’ll discuss privacy, triggers, and any other important details both before and during the session, all based on the information you provided in the initial questionnaire.


No. 1

Reach out to me via email or Instagram to get started. Once you're ready, I'll send you a contract and a questionnaire to review and sign. After that, we’ll have a conversation—whether it’s through FaceTime, phone, text, or messaging—where we'll discuss the vibe of your session, including location, wardrobe, and poses. I'll create a Pinterest mood board filled with ideas and inspiration for you to review, ensuring we’re on the same page. We'll maintain ongoing communication as needed until the session day arrives.


from our first chat to your stunning photos, tailored just for you.

My Process

no. 6


I offer a privilege-based sliding scale for pricing and deliver full galleries digitally.

No. 7

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